Yumi Reiki Healer

I intuitively channel reiki healing energy (qi); universal energy that is the unconditional love that spirit has for creation, to allow people to heal and clear emotional, mental and physically stored/manifested energetic blockages. Everybody can access qi, it belongs to nobody and everybody. Thus, I’m simply a channel for that energy to flow where it is most needed, shifting stagnation and often trauma or emotional pain that is held within each person's auras. I have a trauma-informed approach, tailored for any clients who are aware of any past trauma that is still sitting with them, and work to shift and release this energy, enabling healing to occur. I work on chakras and use crystals when needed. My ancestral lineage is rooted deep within oneness spirituality and I call on this energy during reiki sessions. My work is PoC, LGBTIQA, and disability friendly.

I grew up on a farm surrounded by animals, and it was during my early childhood that I started trying to heal others and animals. After an abusive childhood and a severe sexual assault, I moved overseas and tried to escape my problems. My repressed emotional trauma manifested in other ways. I developed drug addictions and entered into many abusive relationships. Reiki healing has enabled me to not only release deeply held trauma, but to reconnect with spirit, and reclaim my power as a sovereign being on this planet. What I felt was lacking in my life, (love and compassion), I found within myself by accessing reiki and allowing that energy free reign within myself to heal that which was in great need of healing. I love helping others reap the benefits of the universal reiki energy which is accessible to all of us, as when we heal one another, we heal ourselves. The world benefits, and we lift global consciousness with every session- what a blessing! Thank you for allowing me to be part of your healing journey.