Morgana Morningstar

What's my style?

I am an ayurvedic masseuse and reiki healer. I use a multitude of modalities including ayurvedic, lomi lomi, relaxation and intuitive. The wisdom in my hands has been practised on many bodies and I also use alchemic tools such as crystals, liquid crystals and essential oil mists.

What results do I provide?

I provide energy healing and dynamic shifts in people's lives. I help people who are unfulfilled, unhappy in their relationships and frustrated with the pressure of life to feel validated, confident, empowered and free to be themselves.

How do I do this?

I utilise diverse therapeutic healing and bodywork techniques to assist relaxation, tension release and mood elevation.


My clients return to their world recharged, refreshed and rejuvenated.

My name is Morgana Morningstar.

I am looking to expand my business and create more networks amongst the conscious community. I have grown so much since my first Rainbow and have expanded in so many different ways because of the connections I've made since my first one back in 2014.

I am an affiliate for Isagenix as well and am advocating for health as well as building on my knowledge on affiliate marketing. I have goals to work and travel and someday become a successful digital nomad as the world has so many beautiful gifts and travel is one of the most important keys.

In my spare time, I love to create! I have my own blog, Instagram and Facebook business, which are all undergoing development right now (including myself).

I am looking for a team of videographers (or one multi-talented human) who will help me film for my vlog that I'm still building a script for.

I enjoy meeting like-minded people who are also into spirit science and are as outrageously gregarious as me.

I'm looking forward to expressing my top qualities with some top humans.

Magical blessings and more,