The Shiva Shakti Experience

The Shiva Shakti Experience is a 4 handed massage, healing and pamper package created by Sarah Hadley and Roy Kossena
Lose yourself in the synchronicity of 4 hands and absorb the masculine and feminine energies of two souls locked in motion, rhythm, symmetry and love. Evoking pleasures and body harmonies, this full bodied oil based massage unites Swedish & Lomi Lomi with Chinese techniques, along with energy/light work, reiki and sound therapy.

Awakening one's true sensuality and balancing the masculine and feminine soul by blissfully rejuvenating self-love through pure hedonism, “The Shiva Shakti Experience” stimulates all five of the senses and challenges boundaries of the sixth.

Provided with the safety, care and professionalism of a couple who take their craft very seriously and aim to deliver the most comfortable and trusting environment one can find themselves in.

Sarah and Roy both have a background in healing and performing arts. Gaining an understanding that they not only worked extremely well together but that their combined energies had a profoundly uplifting effect on others around them, they began their joined career with performance, spreading the good vibes through music and dance before making the life changing decision to also combine their healing skills and began developing and perfecting what is now the nation's most unique and all encompassing healing practice, “The Shiva Shakti Experience”.