Jo Miller

Traditional Thai massage is a centuries old healing modality that uses joint mobilization, stretching, acupressure, and breath work to relieve tension, improve circulation, stimulate energy flow, and invigorate the receiver. Sometimes referred to as Thai "yoga" massage, this unique massage pairs yoga-like movements with the assistance of the giver's body weight and the rhythmic application of pressure to the muscles. It is a considerably more vigorous and physical form of massage that leaves you feeling refreshed, energized, and blissed out. Thai massage is given without oils or lotions, and the receiver remains fully clothed throughout. Come in comfy clothes to move in, eat a light snack, avoid excessive caffeine or alcohol, and be ready to discuss areas that need more than usual love and attention.

I'm a rock climbing, dirt bagging, vagabond from North America and I'm forever infatuated with helping others to feel good. Massage, yoga, yummy food, raucous & unrestrained belly laughter that leaves you gasping... I find no greater pleasure than giving such joys to others. Having been blessed with the opportunities to study a variety of wellness practices around the world, I feel it is my duty, my metta, to share these nuggets of bliss with others. Stop by my hippy van to chat tarot & aliens, sip matcha, share wild stories, and bask in the richness of it all.