Ixel Madrigal

I offer polarity therapy & cranial sacral, which are energy healing modalities. Polarity therapy is a holistic health system founded by Dr. Randolph Stone, and is based on the premise that we are fields of life energy, and healing is found when that life energy is balanced, or in a state of samadhi. Practitioners use a combination of body work, exercise, nutrition, verbal cues, and empowering clients by sharing knowledge of the chakra systems, elements, and yoga stretches that they can resource to maintain balance within their qi (life energy). Cranial sacral is more fine-tuned work which focuses on the ultrasonic core, the spine, whereby practitioner tunes into the cerebral spinal fluid and holds space to create opening, and alignment within the spine, as well as working with the cranial bones.

I hold space for transformational experiences. As a yoga teacher over the past 6 years, and energy worker over the last two years, I help people cultivate mind body awareness and use this awareness to assess where their "stories" are showing up in their lives. By becoming aware of our stories and working with resources like yoga, meditation, and energy work, we are able to change our stories and transform our lives.