Hanna Stephenson

I work with reiki energy- hands on and off- crystals, singing bowls and guided meditation/breathing practices, as well as hands on massage work.

I have trained in intuitive Balinese massage and Thai yoga massage.
My preference is Thai yoga massage inspired, with over-the-clothes contact and assisted stretches for people working with props and a variety of different techniques to assist energy to clear and move from the body's meridians, whilst connecting with the energy of meta, or loving kindness throughout the session.

I have always known I was a healer; from a young age I started reading yogic texts and practicing yoga. I then ended up doing an intensive yogic studies course over a period of a couple of years, and travelled to India to be initiated in a traditional yogic lineage.

I feel my work in healing and teaching bridges ancient knowledge to the modern times. I followed my intuition as it guided me down other avenues of healing work, firstly with an aim at healing myself and deepening my own connection to my heart, then opening that to begin to work with others- massage, reiki, theta healing, tai chi, qi gong, etc. This path continues to open and grow with me.

I like to think that I help hold space for people to connect deeply with their true selves and with their own hearts, which is where the greatest level of healing work is done. I approach each session with an open heart and an aim to show that individual the love that they truly are.