Eloise Fielke

I combine chakra balancing, dowsing, reiki and colour healing throughout my therapies while also incorporating work with a medicine drum to clear the client's energy. I also do psychic readings which allow any necessary information to be conveyed to the client- especially in regards to what is going on with their energy centres and what may help bring them into balance and keep them there.

I am a 24 year old woman from Melbourne who is passionate about personal development and the healing arts. When I was younger I was passionate about music and the community created at festivals, though after going through a series of health issues I began taking a deeper interest in the holistic nature of our minds and bodies. I now intend to bring both of these passions together and bring healing sessions to those who need it at festivals as I feel energy balancing and clearing is such an important and often overlooked part of a festival due to the huge amount of people, release and energy in the one space.