Rosie Santos

I work as a reiki practitioner, having a background in kinesiology and intuitive massage.

I work with subtle energetics, applying theta sound healing and working with minerals for further grounding, clearing and cleansing.


My name is Rosie. I work as a yoga teacher and illustrator as well as reiki practitioner. Growing up in a family surrounded by artists and introverts, I have been trained with a keen and sensitive eye. This has lent itself so beautifully to my practice- I seem to have cultivated quite an astute ability to intuit how someone is operating.

I feel like the subtle realms in which the healing capacity of reiki works is quite profound. Especially in this day and age as we are so used to things occurring in very physical and heavy ways - reiki asks us to listen, to rest, to rejuvenate and to hear the parts of ourselves that are perhaps the most quiet and yet simultaneously have the most important things to say.

My practice is interested in tapping into those silent places and healing from there. I love to incorporate sound, crystals and muscle testing for extra support in the healing process.

Additional supplementation of yoga practices as well as dietary adjustments are often incorporated.