Rachel Harris

Intuitive Tarot Reading

Tarot is a powerful tool that allows us to tap into all areas of your life. Often highlighting the overlooked areas of our psyches, it has the capacity to help us unlock and navigate our way within these elements of our unconscious. I read the cards based on how they make me feel, allowing every reading to be held with a deep sense of honesty and with a sense of contextual uniqueness to the exchange.

Depending on the internal feedback I receive as to the necessity of the situation, we may go quite deep into your psyche or we may not.

I most frequently work with the 14 card Celtic Cross spread. This detailed spread provides the opportunity to explore and process any hurdles, opportunities, challenges and major spiritual shifts that you may have already experienced or that you may be about to experience in your life circumstances to come.

As a light worker, every session is set with the intention to connect deeper to your soul and your divine purpose. Tarot allows us to tap into inner wisdom and knowledge, helping to provide guidance, insight and clarity when we need it most.

I turned to Tarot during a significantly challenging period of my life. In reflection, it has become apparent that this time represented a dramatic shift within my inner world of perception, a shift pushing me towards a purpose in deeper resonance with my soul, a journey of healing and self discovery. During this time I was experiencing strong levels of confusion, misdirection & alienation, processing what felt like lifetimes of pain. Yearning for a nurturing aid, the Tarot arrived in my life with profoundly accurate answers and guidance when I truly needed it most. The resonance I felt with the cards provided me with clarity and support, creating a deeper sense of spiritual connection and divine protection.

This journey of personal healing has been about exploring and understanding the dynamics of my inner reality and the relation this has with the outer world. My purpose as a healer is to thus empower individuals by helping them develop their own techniques and tools to heal themselves. I believe learning to be comfortable in exploring our inner world with honesty and compassion for self is the basic requirement in this process of awakening to ourselves. Tarot is an incredible tool that enables you to dive a little deeper into this space, shining light on the areas of your life that may need a little extra love and attention.