Cornelia Truemper

Cornelia Truemper - Ilan Lev Practitioner, Body Awarness/ Movement Method

The Ilan Lev method works towards improving human capabilities and removing functional difficulties. It also treats motor dysfunction, mental limitations and solves issues concerning physical disabilities or handicaps.

The treatment resolves body-circulation issues, relives pain, skeletal and joint problems, etc.

In the session the patient's body is gently moved, creating a rich and thoughtful dialogue between the practitioner and the patient.

Movement returns to parts of the body where communication was cut-off or stopped due to injury, pain or emotional issues.

Dialogue within the whole system is restored. The session is intensive, with endless new material and allows new knowledge to be acquired within the patient.

This direct reception evokes an unusual, deep and intensive learning process.

The main idea on which the method is based, is that the central nervous system, serving as a monitoring system, also delivers new input from the body to the mind directly to the sub-conscious into the sensory part of the brain.

Not just working on a physical level, the treatment also talks to the emotional and spiritual body, resolves blockages in the energetically system and sets deep emotions free.

The treatment is designed for all ages and occupations.

Hello lovely people,
I am happy to meet you.

My name is Cornelia,

I am a certified practitioner of the Ilan Lev Movement Method, which some referent to as alternative massage.

I have been holding space for people since 2013 and started my journey with this beautiful therapy in Israel where is originates.

My fascination with movement has been influenced by my career as a professional contemporary art dancer for over 10 years. Part of my life is also being a hatha yoga teacher.

My passion today is to use my background and knowledge as a source of healing the body.

My biggest joy is to observe my clients' faces and body language after they open their eyes at the end of a session, experiencing themselves and their surroundings in a completely new way.

The world changes for many after going through Ilan Lev Treatments. My biggest drive is to keep on spreading the word and technique of this wonderful body awareness therapy and to encourage more to open up.

I am super keen to share it with the Rainbow Serpent Tribe.

Keep the energy up!