Margarita Genet-Wilson

Lomi Lomi is the traditional healing modality of Hawaii. Lomi Lomi embodies the energies of the Ocean and the Wind and is a full body flowing experience, assisting in allowing one to arrive back in their body, grounded, harmonious and whole.

Lomi Lomi strokes are long and flowing over the body, in combination with breathwork to move stuck energy and bring a deep gift of nurture and nourishment on a profound level.

"Rest in natural great peace, this exhausted mind, beaten helplessly by Karma and neurotic thoughts …..
Rest in natural great peace …"

I'm Margarita and I am a lover of all things community, gathering, land and great outdoors, and if there's a place that can merge the two with art and music as the centre then I am all about it.

I have journeyed many moons on this wild and very powerful Rainbow Land, and its been a huge place of initiation for me. It's a pleasure to now be able to give back to the people for all I have been given !!