The experience of a massage is a journey to the deepest state of relaxation of your mind and body. The therapy I perform mixes traditional massage techniques such as Swedish and remedial massage, deep tissue release and relaxation techniques along with another approaches based on orthopaedic manual therapy and physiotherapy techniques, dry needling, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM), kinesiotaping and stretching.
I believe in the healing power of my hands during a massage and I am glad to guide you and accompany you in this healing process.

My name is Paula I am a Chilean physiotherapist and traveller. This is my second year in Melbourne. I came here following my own journey of healing and I have learned to enjoy the emotional rollercoaster with joy and acceptance. I have been working as a Massage therapist and learning a lot. I am grateful to live this experience and happy to help others with my hands and talks.