The Sacred Lovers Union

Healing Through the Senses - An Immersive Musical Journey


The Sacred Lovers Union is a mixed music project of emotive, orchestral, devotional, sacred and healing sounds as well as original compositions and affirmations that inspire and celebrate love in all its forms. 

Journey deep and surrender to the healing vibrations of this intimate and immersive experience of scent, sound and energy and let the waves of enchanting vocals wash over you and nourish your mind, body and soul.

Created by Millicent Kruger (formally known as Alice Spacedoll) and Samuel Bowden.

Millicent Kruger is a singer and has teamed up with singer and guitarist Samuel Bowden to create a collaborative duet. She is currently based in Bellingen, NSW.

Samuel draws influences from artists such as Tool as well as stoicism and themes of absurdity, while Millicent’s influences lie in the realms of orchestral music, love, life and creation.

The duo are a complete and complimentary representation of dark and light, masculine and feminine, yin and yang. Their purpose is to promote healing by sharing their gifts and offerings through music and the flow of energy that connects all of us.