Eva Michelle

Toning Chakras


Learn to harness the power of your own voice to balance energies of the physical and etheric body. Using internal resonance we tone to break up stuck energies caused by physical and emotional trauma. When we experience intense emotions, the tension created by the stress of the experience imprints on a cellular level. By directing our resonance inwards, and in turn outwards we are able to reharmonise these chaotic vibrations with calm, consistent waves of energy; relieving tension, stress and anxiety, lowering blood pressure and retuning the body to a state consistent with activating our innate programming of self-healing. In this workshop Eva teaches the techniques of vocal toning into each of the seven chakras while utilising harmonic singing and Tibetan bowls to further direct her healing intention to the group, creating a lasting sense of inner peace; a space for clarity, connection and oneness.

Eva Michelle is a singer/songwriter (Eva Las Vegas) producer (ana wares, GEN-EVA), harmonic singer and vocal healing worker. Having held workshops in Melbourne and at festivals such as Rainbow Serpent, Seven Sisters and Burning Seed, Eva teaches the techniques of toning to tune into oneself and access inbuilt tools for tension relief and healing, creating a space where participants feel comfortable expressing self through sound.