Cesar Marulanda - Aoracreo

Plastic Bag Recycling Workshop


In this workshop, participants will learn how to make waterproof materials and products made from old plastic bags. From the basic chemistry and main issues surrounding plastic bags to a hands on experience in making small accessories like wallets, pouches or backpacks, participants will enter go through a journey in which they will understand not only the true purpose and potential for recycling, but also how it can be to reconnect with people and share ideas on a matter that affects all of us.

Cesar Marulanda is a self-taught artist born and raised in Colombia in the midst of the mountains of Bogota city.

At the age of 18 Cesar travelled and settled in Melbourne Australia, where he began a journey through art that led him to the sustainability and handmade world.

From 2011 Cesar has been in the recycling journey and since then he has developed a range of very easy techniques to turn discarded plastic bags into useful material that are turned into products such bags wallets, backpacks, belts and more. In 2016 Cesar started a bachelor of Industrial design which allowed him to learn much more about the qualities and properties of the materials that he was working with, giving him an understanding of what other potential applications and methods can be used with plastic bags.

Now, after 7 years of research and many product developments, Cesar has consolidated his knowledge in the form of products to sell in markets and online, as well as creating a small curriculum of workshops to teach people the methods learned so others can get inspired and creative at the same time as diverting plastic from going to landfill.

It has been now two years since the first workshop. He has run them overseas in Germany and Colombia, as well as interstate at the Sydney UTS for the STEM week, plus various local workshops run at CERES Environment Park.