Elisha Xantaya and Musician Crew

Sonic Dreamweaving – Quantum Sound Journey

New Zealand

Sonic Woven Light is borne from the personal journey of Elisha Xantaya, Founder and practitioner at Xantaya Health. This is a unique integration of Sound Healing, Quantum Energy Wisdom and Meditation Journeys intended to re–empower through the forgotten knowledge of our deep connection to the web of life within and around us. Elisha’s tools for deep reconnect and reboot are her voice, channelled sounds and frequencies from many cultural and elemental influences, crystal bowl and ukulele, along with an intuitive offering of story and light meditation.

Sonic Dreamweaving opens with a grounding of the group energetics, partner energy play, some insights of our energy systems, communication with the elements and our ability to access the ancient wisdom that is our guidance and soul’s language. As this awakening gains greater momentum, more of us begin to view our world through a different lens- one that is more meaningful, peaceful, loving, hopeful and interconnected.

This combination is a powerful portal of empowerment through wisdom and healing frequencies to uplift and release stagnancy in our physical, mental and emotional fields. We will then embark on a storytelling journey into your imagination to discover your inner superhero - this purity of spirit that can never be diminished and still remembers how to dream without fear.

“Elisha provides a musical backdrop filled with natural, ancient and tribal wisdom. Sound is heard via your ears but felt deep within your body. You are guided on a magical journey into yourself. A unique opportunity that needs to be experienced to be truly understood.”
— Tracy Brown, Newcastle

Elisha is the founder of Xantaya Health, focused on uplifting and empowering our Human Family through healing, community connection and creative projects. She is an Intuitive Healer, Mindfulness Coach and Artist, with her foundations in a Specialised Diploma of Bowen Therapy and life.

Her life path includes 7 years as a New Zealand Army Officer, Graphic Designer, Singer, Miner, Bowen Therapist and Intuitive Sound Healer, all of which now assist her dedication to holistic health and reconnective therapies. Insight and experience has been drawn from her work, sport (rugby, touch, netball, ultramarathon), life challenge and the subsequent freedom born from inner exploration and Australian van life touring.

Elisha's own personal journey through anxiety, fear and insecurity to a heart 'awakening’ has facilitated a deeper understanding of the inner workings of our mind and how we can become free from our destructive, limiting mental and emotional patterns. She supports her audience towards a heightened state of being, that we may consciously create our life experience with meaning. She draws on the wisdom of many ancient cultures and Shamanic understandings of our natural world which flows through her voice during Sonic Dreamweaving Sound Sessions, facilitated locally and globally.

For info and queries contact Elisha at hello@xantaya.com