Natasha (Kula) Buziuk

Capture the Essence of your RSF in a Necklace


Often we find small objects that become powerfully meaningful to us during a small amount of time. We collect these things to remind ourselves of the meaning we found in a moment, to remind us to remember.

Rainbow Serpent Festival has become a pilgrimage to many; a time our community comes together to talk, laugh, share and dance.

On your next Rainbow pilgrimage, bring your found thing to Kula and capture the essence of your experience in a necklace forever.

Using recycled copper piping, resin and small (about the size of a $1 coin) found things from the festival, Kula will guid you through the process of making your very own Rainbow 2019 necklace.

Bring along your special thing and you will be provided with the rest of the materials to make your necklace and assisted by Kula throughout the process.

Make sure that your special thing is dry as the resin does not react well to moisture.

There are limited spaces so get there on time to secure your place.

Please bring one found object from the festival grounds about the size of a $1 coin.

Kula has always loved making things with hers hands using natural and found objects. Making jewellery as a child are some of her fondest and earliest memories.
Kula is very excited to bring her workshop to RSF once again and assist people in creating beauty and meaning from found objects, helping to capture meaningful memories.