Dr. Natasja Fox ( DOM) and clinical nutrition

Adrenal and Stress Disorders- Understanding and resolving hormonal imbalance due to stress


Adrenal Stress and Hormonal Rebalancing:

Fatigue, poor stress handling, emotional, weight gain, depression, anxiety, dizziness, hot flushes, night sweats, period pain, heavy periods, PMS are just some of the symptoms reflecting your adrenals and hormones are out of balance.
In this one hour lecture you will learn about:

• How to understand how stress and mental health effect the adrenal glands and endocrine system
• How to recognise the signs of hormonal imbalance
• Circadian rhythm
• The fight and flight response
• How hormones are made and react with one another
• Forms of stress; active/passive/oxidative
• How to identify the signs and symptoms of stress disorders
• Adrenalin junkies and drama queens
• Rebalancing the adrenals and hormones with natural treatment strategies

Dr. Natasja Fox (TCM) is a registered Chinese medical doctor and works with evidence based nutrition, with 20 years’ experience in the health and medical field working closely with digestive complaints, hormonal irregularities and immune disorders. She is also a level 3 yoga instructor and has been practicing since childhood.

She is the co-director of the Jing Integrated Holistic Healthcare clinic in the Yarra Valley, Victoria. She wrote the book ‘Reversing the Tired Spiral’ and was featured in the book ‘Evolved Woman’ which was a best seller in three categories. You can also find her interviewed on the ‘My Wellness Wishlist’ podcast about stress/adrenal health and digestive related ailments.

Dr. Fox is the co-founder of charitable organisation Traditional Healthcare where she has worked with thousands of patients in West Bengal and Jharkhand, India, since 2007.

To watch some footage of the work being done in India watch this short film clip: