Dr. Tasja Fox and JP Dex

Sonic Vinyasa


JP Dex and Dr. Electric Fox (TCM Dr, Senior Yoga Instructor)
Experimenting with sonic-yoga movement for the past three years in Melbourne. Via the collaboration of sound and yoga movement, they’ve discovered a recipe that invites an alchemic process recalibrating the nervous system and promoting endorphin activity conducive to the meditation zone.

A synthesis of improvised Guzheng (Chinese Zither), multiple guitars and singing bowls with a guided creative meridian flow yoga class that incorporates oriental breathing and meridian practices. A journey into the inner landscapes of the nervous system through breathing techniques, movement and stillness.

JP Dex AKA O.G Summer Bloke, began musical experimentation in 1995. He is part of multiple bands in Melbourne, Australia, playing the guitar, viola and violin and draws on West African blues and jazz roots, Ambient/Minimalism and American blues. He masterfully improvises with the Guzheng (Chinese Zither), multiple guitars and singing bowls to recalibrate the nervous system, energetic system and neurochemistry by stretching the space between thoughts via sonic vibration. Experiencing the combination of yoga movement, pranayama and sonic healing opens the inner landscape of the harmonised self.

Natasja AKA Dr. Electric Fox has been practicing yoga
for over twenty years. She is a senior yoga instructor (Yoga Australia) and has been instructing since 2005. Dr. Natasja Fox is a Registered Chinese Medical Practitioner and is the co-director of Jing Holistic Healthcare clinic in Melbourne, Australia. Natasja has trained under many styles of yoga since 1998 including Iyengar, Ashtanga, Sura, Ghatashta and Atma Vikasa yoga styles in Australia and India. Natasja’s classes are influenced by her training under Master Tao in 5 element Qi gong, Monica Singh in Odyssey dance – classical Indian temple dancing from Orissa, Zen Master, Ekai Osho and Pilates Guru Raphael Bender in Clinical Pilates and Advanced Anatomy.