Miss Bindikat

Explore The Temptress Through Burlesque


Burlesque isn't just all about fans, feathers, and faff. Learn about the art of the tease with seasoned actor and seductress; Miss Bindikat.

Delve into our inner worlds, discovering how to be more confident, bold, and artistic. Both on stage, and in life. Learn how to bring men to their knees with a glance, and hold audiences in the palms of your hands.

Content covering;
- Traditional Burlesque moves and sexy grooves
- The art of tease
- Fans, faff, and feathers
- Gloves; the art of the peel
- Basic skills demonstration

Suitable for all genders, who want to explore this craft.

As an erotic advocate for women, sexual expression is her forte. Miss Bindikat has been exploring all things to do with sexuality, professional development, and erotic art for over a decade. She has trained in the Art of Tease at several private institutes, and brings a unique flavour to the iconic practise of Burlesque.

Shapeshifter. Moving from sensual, to mischievous; to the downright depraved. She enjoys the tender and raw edges, and adores teaching erotic dance art, Burlesque, and helping women embrace their inner sex fire.

Bindikat is the founder of three self development programs including Wild Women Dance, is a national transformational trainer, and thought leader in her field.