Erfan Daliri

Emotional Resilience


In a world that is changing at an exponential rate and transforming before our very eyes it's important to have strategies and mechanisms to employ when navigating these uncertain and exciting times.

This seminar is designed to equip participants with the tools and understandings they need to live more fulfilling lives and become a little more prepared to deal with the unique challenges that this generation face.

Covering relationship dynamics, mental health awareness, emotional core strength, in a combination of scientific, spiritual and practical understandings, this seminar is bound to shed some light on some generally difficult discussion points.

Erfan Daliri is a social change consultant, educator, author and internationally toured performance poet, with 15 years' experience in community development and a Masters in Communication for Social Change. He states his mission as instigating systemic change and creating social justice while empowering others to become more purposeful and effective change-makers, social entrepreneurs and champions of social justice.

Whether it’s presenting emotional resilience seminars, running mentorship sessions for inmates, performing spoken word or managing community development projects, the throughline of his work is social justice and challenging the status quo.

Over the years he has worked as a consultant and advisor to schools, community groups and organisations including Beyond Blue, Malaruch Aboriginal Corporation, The University of Queensland and Townsville Intercultural Centre, and now works closely with Amnesty International on their refugee settlement campaigns.

As the founding director of the Newkind movement, much of his work focuses on empowering, inspiring and activating agents of social change, with a keen interest in projects related to education, environmental protection, the elimination of economic extremes, mental health advocacy, and working towards gender diverse equality.