Patrick Holmes

The Hammock Temple jam


This workshop will be an organised jam session. Once the festival has almost reached its end and all the stages are closed, when the final workshops have finished, The Hammock Temple Jam will begin. It will be a planned and organised jam session between various musicians who have performed throughout Rainbow Serpent during the weekend, either on stage or in workshops. It will be a final, intimate, interactive performance giving patrons a comfortable love vibe place to dance, relax, share and enjoy themselves. The final moments of a festival are often filled with a communal sense of achievement, having made our way through the event together, and this feeling fills us up with a buzzing energy unique to these moments. To gather while we have that energy in our bellies, and enjoy some live music made up of an eclectic band would be so special. The musicians will take us on a journey while we enjoy from a hammock or get up and dance.