Gina Chick

5Rhythms 'Dancing into Vision' with Gina Chick


This is a two hour dance and movement meditation session, using 5Rhythms dance meditation to dive into the truth of what we really are. It is so beautifully simple; there are no 'moves', there is no way of getting it wrong, it is simply about dancing what is true, with freedom and permission, whatever that looks like. You just turn up and be you, in all your messy glory, and move what is there.

In the process, the stuck and wounded parts of us can come up to be moved, and we can leave our crap on the dance floor. On the other side of that is freedom!

The journey takes the form of two 'waves' of an hour each, the second building on the first. Gina is all about embodiment, so the whole journey is about taking us deeper into our bodies, rather than popping us out of them. There will be soulful, heart-opening flow, chunky, funky staccato beats and bass, some kick-arse release in chaos, playful, joyful lyrical in which we spread our wings in ecstasy, and the deepest drum of stillness, where we connect with our own breath and the heartbeat of a living universe.

We'll be journeying with the seeds of our vision and purpose in life through movement, and moving whatever is in the way to walking our own unique, perfect path. This workshop is about transformation in a visceral, embodied practice.

So come play, come dance, move and celebrate the joy of being in a body where all the answers are available and we all get to wake up together, find our vision together mirroring each other as humans do in the soulful company of our brothers and sisters in the big dance of life.

My name is Gina Chick (but most people know me as Gigi). I'm an international facilitator in transformation, using many, many modalities. I'm fascinated with wildness in all its forms, haven't worn shoes in about seven years, live in a bus and spend many months of the year in the wilderness sleeping next to a fire, deepening into relationship with Gaia.

I also devote myself to helping people remember who and what they truly are and with love and presence, guiding them home to their own beautiful, painful, messy, wonderful truths, while sharing tools to help move any of the stuck places holding them away from life. For me it's all about being real, no bullshit and no guru trips. Saying yes to everything that life brings. Mining the lessons for blessings. Listening to the call of the wild soul and learning to dance to its tune. Welcoming every person to stretch their wings, be big, be bold, be allowed, be magnificent, be small, be stuck, be flawed and be true. In my reality, we are all creators and creatrixes- the only thing limiting us is our myriad beliefs, judgements and the simple, dastardly human movement of making everything mean something. We are the prison and we are the key. I am passionately dedicated to helping people find the unique combination lock that is an unfurling human growing in divine rightness. What a journey. What an honour.

I am an accredited 5 Rhythms® dance and movement meditation teacher, a breath worker, bodyworker and shamanic healer using pure awareness as a shamanic path. I've had a healing business for thirty years, and travelled the world for this time collecting tools for transformation that work.

I am interested in helping you find your own wisdom, whatever that looks like. I love that we each have our own unique fingerprint. The only dance you can ever do is your own. What a relief.

If you are on a journey to discovery, are a seeker of soul truths, and love to move, then come along and let's all move together. Together we are more. Together we are one.