Hyponotheric Soundscapes

Emotional Freedom


Kylie and Eliza welcome you to Join us for a transformational journey facilitated through the power of their hypnotheric soundscapes. This guided adventure into your subconscious will give you tools to clear away the trauma from your history and open up space within your body, mind and emotions that you can use to create the future of your dreams. Free your energy and attention from the burdens of the past and anchor your focus into the now.

We will gently guide you into the space inside of yourself where all healing takes place. This journey will be activated through ancient medicinal instruments and intentionalised words containing codes to reignite your intrinsic healing capacities. At the end of this meditation you will notice that the cords of energy keeping you stuck in the past are gently dissolving, gifting you back your empowerment and emotional freedom.

We offer hypno-therapeutic soundscapes harnessing the ancient healing powers of crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, activated medicine drums and a psychically guided meditation.

Eliza Kendall Hather has been working as a professional clinical hypnotherapist and medium for over a decade. Eliza is the founder and teacher of the "How to be your own Guru" spiritual expansion workshop. She is dedicated to empowering people to discover their self-healing capability, working at various festivals and events.

Kylie Bayens is the Creative Director of Arkadia Soundscapes and is dedicated to creating medicinal music for the benefit of all who receive it. Kylie’s studies in Ghana, West Africa over a decade ago has influenced her rhythmic abilities through her love of percussion. After her first sound healing experience, Kylie found herself being drawn to Tibetan and crystal singing bowls. Over the last five years, Kylie has worked with clairvoyants, singers, shamans, hypnotherapists and musicians from all over the world, producing sound healing modalities at different events and festivals and is currently completing a Professional Diploma in Group Sound Therapy.

Eliza and Kylie have been working together professionally for four years, offering deeply healing trance journeys.