Maria Papaspyrou

Psychedelic Integration, Depth Psychology, and Harm Reduction

United Kingdom

Entheogenic experiences are often referred to as ‘journeys’ for they can journey one to great inner and outer depths. However, the end of an altered state is often when the journey really begins. This is the journey of integration, of assimilating into consciousness the insights and openings one has encountered in their experience, in a form that can enrich their everyday lives, relationships, and sense of self. The myths and symbols we bring back from these deep soul journeys are part of our psychic life, imbued with vital meaning. During integration our task is in translating the archaic speech of vision into a meaningful narrative, if we are to harness the powerful directional energies of the unconscious towards greater health and wholeness.

How can we make better sense of our experiences in these deep spaces? What practices can support the integration process? And how can we retain the insights and openings of these experiences once we are back in our everyday lives?

Maria, MSc, is a BACP accredited integrative psychotherapist and systemic family constellations facilitator based in Brighton (UK). Her research interests have focused on the interface between entheogenic experiences and psychotherapy, as well as the intersections between the archetypal feminine and altered states of consciousness. She has given talks and published articles on the sacramental and healing properties of entheogens, supporting their re-introduction in psychotherapy. She is the co-founder of Club Imaginal, a lecture series in Brighton, the founder of T.R.I.P.P. network - a U.K.-wide list of psychotherapists offering integration services, and co-editor of the upcoming book by Inner Traditions "Psychedelic Mysteries of the Feminine".