Adam One / Octopus Project

Art Must Be Easy

United States

Flow state is natural order, it is the timelessness of a moment through the expansion of imagination. As children we have a full grasp of this concept, but as the world of tradition and rationalism structures our mind we fall from this grace into a world of hesitation and not knowing.

Using the simplest of tools, pads of paper and ballpoint pens, participants are invited to draw along on a quest to free that inner child once more and find ease in creation. At first a foundation is developed with instruction on several simple techniques that artists use throughout their entire career from start to finish. Knowing these approaches will instantly improve the work of any artist with little effort. Art however truly is effort, and so the core purpose of the discussion is to unify work and ease into an easily approachable system that turns practice into presentation. This is accomplished through the exploration of Adam One's personal art style, as told through a draw along exercise covering all techniques in one creation. 'Art MUST Be Easy' helps us remove expectation from our work and rediscover the play that truly rests at the heart of creation. When play is the mind set, expectation will always be exceeded.

Adam One’s work derives from a deep understanding of form and function, and an active interest in the questions of human existence through spiritual evolution. His pieces are born from the subconscious and are extremely chaotic amalgamations of archetypal subjects and stories. Meant to be ever changing and revealing, his pieces beckon one’s mind to question the world around, and to look at everything with a new perspective.