Stephanie Hazel

The Energetics of Western Herbs


There is so much conflicting information about which herbs do what, and which herb fixes which condition. How do we make sense of it all? In this workshop, Stephanie demystifies herbal medicine via a basic framework for understanding how herbs work differently for different people: the energetic qualities and flavours of herbs. This framework is a restoration of the ancient tradition of Western Herbal Medicine, from Celtic healers, to ancient Greece, to Medieval Europe.

Stephanie is a practicing clinical herbalist, passionate about reinvigorating the ancient tradition of western herbal medicine.
She has been working closely with herbs and medicinal plants for 13 years, including 5 years as General Manager to Happy High Herbs where she was an active warrior for plant freedom, founding the Plant Freedom Alliance, speaking on drug law reform at Nimbin Mardi Grass and Entheogenesis Australis, and spearheading successful national campaigns to prevent the criminalisation of a number of psychoactive plants.
As well as practicing clinical herbal medicine in Melbourne, Stephanie is also a senior partner with One Health Organisation, Australia’s largest NGO promoting holistic approaches to public health in disadvantaged communities around Australia and Asia.

Her dedication to preserving the traditional wisdom of plant healers has seen her travel and study widely: as well as being fully qualified in Western Herbal Medicine, she has also studied in the Peruvian Andes and apprenticed to an acupuncturist to learn TCM diagnostic techniques.

For Stephanie, the true path of herbal medicine aims to understand each individual deeply, finding their unique state of balance whilst connecting us to the Earth, the Plants and our own Wild Souls.

Adv. Dip Western Herbal Medicine
Bachelor of Anthropology & Community Development