How to Be Your Own Guru

Quantum Activation


This workshop is a game changer for healing. Designed primarily to use for self-healing this method has proven to be amazingly effective for all life you choose to engage with.

In this class, we will use a combination of Clinical Hypnosis, Quantum Healing, Somatic Therapy, and Energy Healing to open the pathways for your natural capacities to be switched back on to full power.

This technique allows you to feel your own flow and work with it to clear emotional trauma from your cells, your muscles, mind, AND your past conditioning.

This is a re-coding tool that will change the way you know yourself.

It gives you back the power to heal organically, harnessing what is current in your internal and external experience. It is fun, playful and can be used by you anytime you choose in and out of the festival. Ensuring you contribute positively to the spaces you inhabit.

After a packed out Quantum Healing class at Rainbow Serpent last year, we are so excited to bring this new activation technique to you this year.

The How to Be Your Own Guru Practical Magic Academy is a school that fills in the gaps left by an old paradigm education. We teach you how to access your intrinsic power, your strength and certainty. We give you grounded tools to activate your intuition and psychic senses; teach you how to know yourself so intimately you feel confident in your inner guidance and clear in your vision.

We remind you that you have access to all the wisdom stored in your DNA and contained in your bones from lifetimes of experience. We show you how to easily heal from the past so you can once again truly trust and believe in yourself.