A Satirical Workshop On How To Make Satire


Sick of the seemingly never ending opportunities to better yourself through new-age workshops and spiritual consumerism?

Can’t decide where to put your money to guarantee ascension and complete release of trauma, low self-worth, money problems, relationships and health etc?

From the maker of Doof News, International Male DJ, Psychedelic Safari Tours and ironically enough the founder of Breathwork Circles.

Comes the be all and end all of workshops*...


Join Tenfingerz for an immersion into the noble art of psychedelic satire.

Whether you’re wanting a bit of a laugh out loud or wanting to learn how to make the comedy...

Whether you’re an old hat at improv or a complete newb, or maybe you’ve spent the entire weekend making in jokes with your friends and not talking to anyone outside your circle....

This is the workshop for you.

Please join us as we delve into a world of puns, laffs and play, as well as of course, seriously serious workshop content.

Part workshop/part performance, queer performance maker, Tenfingerz, will unleash her knowledge of art and/or entertainment upon you through an easy** to follow workshop. All experience levels and willingness to participate welcome.

Come be confused, your mind bent and serotonin levels increased!***

*If you think this isn’t for you then maybe you’re just not willing to accept the fact it actually is.
**open to interpretation.

'Prolific and endlessly inventive'
'Consistently surprising, enterprising and original'

Queer artist Tenfingerz, makes the kind of art you won't necessarily find in your atypical theatre at say, the Arts Centre or such. You’re more likely to find it in the middle of a field a few hours from a capital city.

Drawing from her experience travelling the world as well as non-ordinary states of reality, Tenfingerz has developed her own method of creating commentary on the political and cultural landscape of our time with a strong emphasis on gender roles, identity, authority and social conditioning. Her personal work is predominantly made for Australian festival and psychedelic culture. After a decade in these scenes she has developed her own brand of interactive art and coined a term to describe it - ‘Psychedelic satire’.

Sometimes light hearted and camp while other times dark and ritualistic, Tenfingerz’s work has included such accolades as performing with Spanish theatre company 'Teatro de los Sentidos' in the Melbourne Festival. She has also directed 3 large scale live art events in the Melbourne Fashion Festival. On a smaller scale her first solo show in 2012 included an intimate live art performance where she poisoned herself with frog venom. Since 2012 she has gone on to create interactive and immersive experiences at Rainbow Serpent, Earth Frequency, The Town, Tanglewood, Let Them Eat Cake, This That and The Melbourne Fringe Festival.

Infamously known for creating absurd interactive activities, political statements, group altered states using breathwork and really weird times, Tenfingerz has been described as a 'reluctant visionary cult leader' by a semi-famous friend, 'disturbing' by her mother and 'a movement in the making' by the media. Her artwork is one of a kind and something you defs need to experience as part of any festival itinerary.