Lucy Verde Roze

Active Spirituality for Animal Liberation

Australia, New Zealand, Zimbabwe

Lucy will speak on Animal Rights and Spirituality before leading a guided meditation for liberation and freedom for all.

Born and raised in Africa, Lucy has always had a deep passion for animals and speaking up for the rights of the downtrodden of this world. Connecting with creatures such as lions, elephants and buffalo in their natural habitat of the Savannah had a huge impact on her later surrender to veganism.

Lucy's journey into veganism began with separation from her mother at a young age, having her own natural habitat, her homeland removed, and eventually a brief but painful loss of autonomy over her own body. While in Cambodia learning the meditation technique of vipassana, the powerlessness and objectification she had experienced through her life connected her with the plight of modern day dairy cows and their calves. This spiritual awakening through physical and emotional trauma lifted the veil of lies from her eyes and she began devouring information on animal agriculture.

Once she'd accepted the truth and allowed anti-speciesism into her life, she knew she had to become active. Just like her journey into veganism, she didn't know what form her activism would take - the heady cocktail of organising street outreach demonstrations and direct action onto dairy farms has been a trip in itself.

One area Lucy now focuses on is spiritual activism for the animals. She runs guided meditation and healing circles designed to facilitate spiritual connection with all beings of this Universe, including those most abused. Her aim is to strengthen hearts and minds of those driven to save lives, and to manifest a future of freedom for all.