Textures, imagery and new spaces


This workshop is a heavily guided movement improvisation designed to access deeper range within your body, experiment and discover new movement textures and pathways and release the mind from preconceived ideas of what dance is or how we should look when we do it. During an hour of continuous movement, you will be lead to detach from your normal way of dancing or moving. You will be given plentiful stimulus to inspire exploration and research within your body, and techniques and tools to allow you to access more extreme movement and find new textures outside of what your body knows. Relearn to connect with your senses and others you share space with, release from self-judgement and make the hour work for you. Whether you are a high level dancer, an avid boogier or the more sedentary variety, this workshop is designed to be what you make of it; a good stretch, a mind exercise, a training platform, a healing space, an opportunity for connection or an outlet to play and enjoy the benefits of movement and creativity.

Asher is a professional contemporary dance and movement artist, arts practitioner and environmental activist. Her intention through her art is to build connection between people, generate appreciation for other species and the environment and inspire lifestyle changes toward a more sustainable, connected and wholesome way of living. She graduated QUT (BFA Dance Performance, Distinction) in 2013 and has since been working in various avenues of this creative industry. After having worked in Ochre Contemporary Dance Company with Israeli choreographer, Oded Ronen, she fell in love with a new way of moving and guiding others to move. Asher then travelled to Israel to learn from Batsheva and Vertigo Dance companies, before returning to Australia to perform in the first Australian remount of a Batsheva work, Decadance, with STRUT dance, Perth. Asher is currently exploring ways of spreading environmental awareness gently through art, movement and expression and also works as an Eco Consultant to help people transition towards living with less impact on our beautiful Planet.