Asher Bowen-Saunders and Che Pritchard

Waste Free Living: The Basics and Beyond


The global shift in environmental consciousness is growing undeniably stronger. The Zero Waste lifestyle is now more understood, common and achievable than it has been since the devastating invention and abuse of single use plastics as the need for this collective lifestyle upgrade is becoming more and more urgent.
This presentation demystifies the supposed hardships and difficulties associated with being waste free and explains how simply it can be achieved regardless of budget, family situation, time constraints, lifestyle preferences or personal needs. Discover and celebrate the benefits to the planet and yourself when you remove your personal negative environmental impact by retiring your rubbish bin and learn simple tricks and skills to reshape your routine to make this lifestyle serve you. You will also learn effective ways of approaching the topic with others and gently educating to spread the positive message without the preaching to deaf ears. Save money, eliminate chemicals, streamline your life and reconnect with food, nature and the beauty of process. The market-driven desire to optimise "convenience" in our lives has come at such a devastating cost to the planet and it is time to regain control as an individual and move from being an unconscious consumer to a conscious non-consumer. Regardless if you are just beginning to have a role in this growing Waste Free world or you have been doing it for years, this seminar will provide useful advice for all levels.

Che and Asher have lived completely waste-free for the last three years. They are both hugely passionate about inspiring others to find an environmentally conscious lifestyle too. As artists, dancers, vegans, animal carers, and environmentalists they see the world from a unique perspective and have a creative and refreshing approach to promoting social change. Asher is a contemporary dance artist, aerialist and multiskill performer and has been integrating environmental consciousness into her work. Che is a professional dancer, choreographer and director as well as an exercise physiologist working in corporate health. Over the last 6 years through his exercise physiology work, Che has been able to coach, encourage and inspire hundreds (if not thousands) of corporate executives to live a more conscious lifestyle.

Between the two of them, they have personally helped hundreds of people make the shift to a more waste-free lifestyle. They have worked with people of all demographics in numerous industries, and have a series of both general and specific tools and recommendations that have proven extremely successful in ensuring sustainable lifestyle changes.