Dani Wolff-Chambers

Building, Naturally


How can we return to the place where we live, build and grow together, in common unity - community?

During this discussion Dani will explore the different ways we can co-create a more regenerative future together, sharing with you her extensive experience and knowledge of various natural building methods. We will go deep into different techniques, their history, and their best applications in building. We will also explore different ways in which we can come together to build healthy communities and eco-villages around common visions.

Dani Wolff, originally from Aotearoa New Zealand and now living in Australia, started her journey as a building designer and very quickly became aware of the waste and ‘unsustainable’ practices in the conventional building industry. Eager to make a change, she attended internships and academies in alternative and natural building techniques around the world - working on Earthships, Strawbale, Cob, Mudbrick, Lightearth and Hempcrete projects as well as tiny homes made with recycled materials.

Dani returned to Australia and completed a permaculture design course, at which time she landed on 120 acres in Victoria. There, Agari Permaculture Farm was seeded- an intentional community growing its own food and building its own homes. From there the Agari natural building project bloomed and she has been travelling around the globe designing natural homes and teaching others how to create earth building through workshops.

Now Dani is living in Byron Bay on a 230 acre property co-creating a conscious ground, New Earth education centre.