Rainbow Arts and Culture Foundation

A Masterclass in Kinetics


A three part Masterclass on Kinetic Sculpture creation:

Part 1: Presentation on the design process, innovation and technology behind the unique wind driven kinetic sculpture work ‘Cradle’ commissioned through RACF’s Artist in Residence Program with sculpture artist Alex Sanson/Metaform.

Part 2: Launch of the new online Masterclass Series ‘Kinetic Sculpture’. The process of Cradle’s sculptural design has been documented to produce a 5 part video masterclass series aimed to strengthen the creative sector by providing access to free arts education. The series will be available for free on the Rainbow Arts and Culture website on a specifically developed online education platform. The first masterclass video will be premiered, as well showcasing the online platform functionality.

Part 3: Masterclass Session. Mirroring the interactive online education platform, participants can engage with the artist in real time in a facilitated session and participate in Masterclass #1 Planning

The Rainbow Arts and Culture Foundation manages and produces arts projects in the Pyrenees region which Rainbow Serpent Festival calls home. Our programs provide platforms for evolving art and cultural practitioners to increase skills, showcase their work and to raise awareness of social and environmentally sustainable ideas and practice through creativity.

Through our annual artist grants program, emerging artists are given the opportunity to construct, manage and present arts installations and productions at Rainbow Serpent Festival. Art is a powerful cultural connector and we provide spaces for collaborative interactions that build a greater understanding between Indigenous First Australians and non-Indigenous community members.

The Rainbow Arts and Culture Foundation works closely with the local community and shire government. Together we’re bringing a new awareness of the power of art to increase community cohesion, well-being and art as a vehicle to promote sustainable environmental practices.

We utilise all art forms as mediums to stimulate creative thinking and visionary ideas among the regional communities of the Pyrenees and Ballarat where our organisation is based and the global community that takes part.