Sigrid Tasies

The Self-Love Journey


This workshop combines transformational coaching and guided meditation with a strong focus on self-love to support you in creating more self-awareness, building a stronger self-confidence and clearing insecurities while acquiring tools to deepen your self-love.

Sigrid Tasies is a Life Coach, Author and Yoga Instructor that feels deep passion about advocating the practice of unapologetic self-love as a way to increasing happiness, health and wealth.

Her online work supports thousands of people while she travels the world facilitating transformational workshops and retreats, creating powerful coaching programs and conscious media content, and working one on one with people that seek to be the most empowered and happy versions of themselves.

In this workshop, she will support you to gain clarity regarding your inner dialogue and limiting beliefs, giving you powerful tools with which to shift discouraging habits, and connect with a deeper sense of self-empowerment.