Steph Foley & Prue Sturgeon

Unspoken Connections


Connection & Expression - A two part workshop based on Connection & Expression.

Navigate and explore our inward terrain with a guided journey of the subconscious to uncover a deeper understanding of our connection to self and others accompanied by live crystal bowl with angelic vocals.

Integrating exercises of sharing and connecting through mirroring, movement and eye gazing followed by an opportunity to express and communicate through symbolic body painting.

Prue is a Holistic Kinesiologist, Integrative Complementary Medicine & Spiral Practitioner who believes in the unbounded potential of the human spirit to be encouraged and expanded to its full expression through connection, expression, sound and movement.

Steph Foley works as a Kinesiologist, Mind Body Medicine Practitioner, Energetic Healer, Health Coach and is currently managing The Temple Surry Hills (which is a centre for conscious, spiritual and metaphysical workshops, education, events and gatherings.)