Han Marko

Party with Purpose


Partying can be transformational if it is done with self-awareness and intention. Spending time out in nature around powerful humans talking about the world, purpose and understanding ourselves more is the core of festivals. Therefore being mindful about our choices at a festival can give us the power and direction we need to gain the most out of our time in the festival realm. The sense of expression and understanding of self is something people gain during the weekend and then crave to hold onto after the party, however - if we understand the lessons we are learning through our time at the event we can integrate them back into our everyday lives and start to carve the life we want to live. This workshop involves a dropping in, one on one learning via experiences, open conversation about consumption choice and an interactive exercise of empowerment to help set up a game plan for yourself in case you need some inner power to relax your mind out of a sticky situation.

Some angles explored in the workshop:
- Grounding in
- Why are you here?
- Intention
- Rituals
- Permission
- Consent
- Personal check-ins
- Peer pressure
- Positive surroundings
- Nourishing experiences
- Letting go of FOMO
- Personal mantra activity

Purpose Resurface is a space created to invite community members into a down to earth realm of conversation, activities and creativity targeting self-development, with the intention to normalize self-development through open sharing conversation and motivate individuals about changes through the collective. Each fortnight people gather to hold themselves accountable for their own self development. We encourage one another to promote change and improvement in a safe and supportive environment. There are many areas in which we can always be expanding, always have changes we wish to make as well things we wish to let go of. Each session has a different theme and the workshop is then based around that area of focus; we run activities, play with art therapy and even eat dinner together. We are a positive focus group with the ultimate goal to give people a down-to-earth environment to work on self-love, self-confidence and expansion.

These workshops will be run by Han Marko – ‘Self Love Lover’, youth worker, purple raver, psychology student drop out, artist, party thrower turned self-development frother, advocator of truth and lover of good people. It is not that Han proposes to have any answers; she merely created the space and content to allow free flowing conversation and questions to provoke the answers within.