John Sned / SNEDmusic

Live Improvised Electronic Sound Journey @ The Hammock Temple - Presented by SNEDmusic

New Zealand

John SNED aka SNEDmusic is a live improvisational electronic musician with a jazz background with extensive experience in facilitating sound journeys through 2 years as a founding member of Open Sesame Meditation Dance - a Melbourne based fortnightly live band facilitated dance + sound healing experience. His sound journeys have featured at various 5 Rhythms dance events, plus the Melbourne based YOKE movement collective.

John is a trained double bass player also using live improvised fingerdrumming in his performances. In this experience, John aims to create a super spacious, luscious soundscape. The set begins very softly and gradually evolves into gentle live beats + melodic improvisation.

SNEDmusic presents an evolving, evocative live soundscape journey. A deep dive into the far reaches of emotive musical experience. An opportunity to become truly present with yourself, and embrace the transformational power of sound.

The SNED live show is always a dynamic journey through the realms of musical possibility. Each performance is a uniquely organic synthesis of the live and the electronic - fluid, otherworldly production meets an improvised exploration of sound - music that is created, produced and performed before your eyes in real time.

Drawing from years of professional experience and deep study as a jazz musician, SNED has taken improvised music and brought it into alignment with the limitless possibilities of modern music production technology. Featuring unique examples of electronic controllerism, this journey will be a one-of-a-kind musical experience, with a captivating twist that will take you away to another place.