Megan Wright and Bridgette Reid

Elemental Alchemy: Harnessing Personal Power and Creativity Through the Elements


A fun, personal discovery that enables you to clear mental clutter, transmute emotional blocks, ignite your spirit and ground into your physical body. You will gain an array of tools to alchemise the soul and inspire creativity from the heart.

Each of the 4 elements supports different aspects of our growth and transformation. Air represents the mental. Water represents the emotional. Fire represents the spirit and Earth represents our physical body. When participants show up to explore the terrain of each of these elements, they gain a foundation for a transformational experience. The outcome for participants will be a new framework for channelling personal power including:
- How to use the elements for clearing;
- How to get the most out of your personal and mental space;
- How to drop in and make sense of our emotions
- How to expose blocks to our creativity and expand
- How to ground, centre and balance, and use the earth for healing

Please bring paper and pens as you join us for this workshop talk because this is rare content that you will want to remember not to forget.

We are two women who have done our work. We have each been on long term journeys of self enquiry, self-empowerment and self-love. Between us, we have worked out that we have invested in roughly $150,000 into personal development and spiritual development work, and now, we want to share it!

We keep our content to-the-point and easy to digest. Given that this is a community festival we have developed a workshop that is fun and engaging while still providing people with Shamanic Energy insights that can support them long after their Rainbow recoveries.

Megan Wright
Megan is a bohemian Social Entrepreneur, Speaker, Facilitator and Community Builder who loves to help people live their passions. Megan has worked and lived in both the USA and UK, and has been presenting and facilitating workshops at Australian festivals since 2014. With her own business in the social impact space, Megan also runs a small Not For Profit that supports people of all ages and backgrounds in finding their purpose, moving their ideas into reality and launching successful business ventures to change the world.
In her speaking engagements, Megan always aims to provide easily digestible content that is novel and meaningful, including practical tips and take-homes that help people to accelerate their potential.

Bridgette Reid:

Bridgette is a Soul Coach, Trainer and Brand Medium at Seer Creative. Bridgette is all about making the complex comprehendible. She has an empathic and intuitive nature with a keen eye for style, systems & detail.
Her days are spent helping clients understand their purpose, mission and gifts, working out their archetypal magic for marketplace uniqueness and finding the perfect way to share their brand essence with the world. With her infectious energy and enthusiasm, Bridgette pours her wisdom and passion into powerful, aligned messaging and business architecture that can a makes brands inspiring and scalable.