Caitlin Wood

Singing to the Uni-verse: Sacred Song Circle


Our voices are needed now more than ever - to speak up, to speak out, to speak for, to soothe, to comfort, to express sorrow, to express love, to reclaim our power, to join together in celebration and the pure joy of being alive.

Gather in circle to sing your heart out, as we travel together through mantra, prayer & song from around the world; singing for ourselves, for community and for the earth. 

Connect with song and sound to release and express your true voice and invite more love and compassion for self and other as we join our voices to the one-song of the uni-verse.

Caitlin offers spaces for deep listening woven with tools and practices that empower each to find their unique voice and freedom for the greater good of all. As an embodied leader of creative freedom - an artist, musician, creative therapist, Dancing Freedom facilitator, Open Floor teacher and weaver of soundscapes - Caitlin loves to guide people into a more loving relationship with their body and the Earth, to inspire gratitude for this beautiful gift of life, and to assist people and communities in developing strong foundations of connectedness, kindness and integrity. Caitlin offers classes and workshops in Sydney and at conferences and festivals both around Australia and internationally.