Andra Budaie / Inner Colour

Intro to UV Body Painting


Introduction to UV-reactive (neon/fluoro) body art.
We will cover body art-specific techniques, colour theory, we will look at generating new ideas for unique designs, and most of all have a play and some glowing fun!

Andra Budaie - Inner Colour (UV WORLD CHAMPION 2017/2018)
Andra (aka Inner Colour) offers live UV body art experiences like no other! She started exploring this artform less than 5 years ago, and it swiftly became woven into the fabric of her existence. In this record time she gained many accolades, as well as a way to express and discover her inner world. She is the current UV World Champion and Australia’s top UV artist.
The autodidact artist creates main stage shows for festivals around the world each year, sharing her unique talent and enchanting audiences with visionary body art, amazing speed and dazzling intricacy.
With an ardent passion for original expression and connection, she intuitively creates a new piece each and every time she paints, harmonising with the environment and each beautiful breathing canvas. She also runs workshops worldwide. Andra recognises the strength of this artform to bring people together, dissolve boundaries and bring positive change.