Nicola Apps

From Zone 0 to the Wilderness – Living Permaculture


Starting with the one 'thing' we can ever really call our own - our bodies; our true 'zone 0' - we will explore how to live a whole (healthy) life according to permaculture ethics and principles. Incorporating spirituality, philosophy and feng shui we will design a beautiful life; shifting from an egocentric to an ecocentric consciousness.

My name is Nicola and I have been a teacher for eighteen years. I received my PDC with Lucy Legan and Andre Soares at IPEC in Brazil in 2010 and was so excited that I decided to become a permaculture teacher, training with Rosemary Morrow at Zaytuna Farm in 2011. I was president of Waru Community Gardens in Yeppoon for five years and have spent the last three years teaching children about gardening and environmental restorative practices at a community school in Nimbin.

I take an autoethnographic approach to permaculture, embedding the design process, ethics and principles in my everyday life. At heart I am simply a gardener.