Levi Banner and Pavitra Maa

Cacao Ceremony + Elemental Ecstatic Dance


In this sacred ceremony we will drink the plant medicine known normally as chocolate and dance our hearts out! Cacao has been used as a sacred medicine for thousands of years. Known as the food of the gods, cacao will provide a heart opening experience that will get you deeply in touch with your body and enliven your senses. Drinking a very special cacao from Bali blended mindfully with a witchy blend of herbs and spices. The chocolate drink will be divine nectar for you to savour and enjoy. With the ceremonial space invoked and the cacao spirit with us, we dance!

Levi and Pavitra will guide you in an ecstatic dance journey through the five elements. You will shapeshift your body, moving in new ways, seeing new parts of yourself and remembering parts forgotten. During the dance there will only be body language and no exact words shared, only the guidance of the facilitators, your free form movements and primal expression. You will go deep into the dance and loose the distractions of your mind, playfully releasing any stuck energy and embracing your natural essence. We are made of the elements, so through the dance we embody the elements!

Once we have moved through the entire journey we will come back together in circle to close the ceremonial container. We will share in community and togetherness. Leaving you with a sense of beauty and fulfilment in your heart.

Though cacao is not an aggressive plant medicine and our blend quite delicious, it’s still not required for you to drink the chocolate at all. You can come just to dance and experience the ceremony!

Please come with an open mind and prepare to open your heart!

Levi Banner has been leading cacao ceremonies since 2011 when he met the Cacao Shaman in Guatemala. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Elemental Studies and has been teaching Yoga for over 12 years. Before that, he was a breakdancer and hip hop dance instructor, teaching, competing and performing for 13 years. He is a Master-Level Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator and an Ordained Shamanic Minister through Venus Rising Association for Transformation. Originally from Oregon, Levi now lives in Bali and teaches at the world famous Yoga Barn.

Pavitra Maa graduated from the Sacred Cacao 5 Element Dance Teacher Training in 2014. Originally from Latvia, she has been a part of creating ecstatic dance journeys and plant medicine ceremonies around the world. Pavitra has also studied tantra, biodynamic breathwork and trauma release. She is the fashion visionary of Tao Muse, her own brand of goddess clothing and jewellery, though arguably her greatest gift is that Pavitra makes the best cacao elixir in the world. Wait until you get a taste!

Levi and Pavitra live in Bali together and share the love of cacao and dance in a unique and beautiful way. Catch them now on this rare visit!