Ethnodanceology -Kathleen Gonzalez

Afro-Latin Contemporary & Modern Dance Class


Experience the heart of Afro Colombian culture through traditional and contemporary dance and rhythms; this is a unique corporal experience. Be prepared to feel your body awaken moving all your physical energy through the art of dance. Feelings, sensations and emotions come together in a joyful and expressive manner through the body.

A traditional and contemporary dance workshop from Latin America focused on African beliefs and traditions that reveals the ethno-cultural stories mixed between Indigenous, African and European peoples. They came together through rituals, celebrations, carnivals and magical practices. The movement shows the exotic image of Colombians and their deeply rooted spirituality and enjoyable musical set with popular rhythms.

This is a foundational workshop that introduces the full spectrum of feeling the rhythm with the body and aims to understand how to use the joints and muscles to create stylized, spirited and vigorous movement.

You will enjoy this iconic dance style.

Kathleen Gonzalez is a Melbourne based Colombian experimental-contemporary artist, ethnodance writer, dance performer, cultural producer, artistic director and founder of Tunjos y Cantaros Ethnologic Dance Company.
Kathleen’s practice combines multicultural, multispiritual and global ancestral origins investigated through dance laboratories and ritualistic experiences connecting the inner and outer self. Kathleen’s work explores the space between the rationality of the physical senses and the mystery of psychic and mythical lands, combining unusual, experimental, creative and inspirational new performance processes.
Kathleen’s research references include historical archives based in anthropologic statements, and she has named the concept of her investigation "Ethnodanceology", a process that proposes ideas and creates dialogues and opportunities for cultural development as new multiethnic phases and stages to encourage for future diversity of legacy expression into this new era.