Phoenix Onesong and DJ Rola

Dancing Freedom: Into Your Wild


Come join us as we consciously enter into the moment to moment dance of life. In this Dancing Freedom journey YOU will be invited to explore the unique, dynamic, and interdependent qualities of each of the 5 elements. In learning to attune to the elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether you can harmonize the inner and outer dimensions of your experience and open to the depths and mystery of the sacred dance of life. As you invoke these primordial forces, they awaken the dreamer within who can assist you to create a deeper relationship to your Self, others and the environment.

We gather in ceremony to co-create a safe and supportive container to go within to retrieve and restore our inner connectivity so that we may become more fully expressed and functional agents of change in the world. Dancing Freedom is a movement meditation; a dance practice. It engages and activates the innate intelligence of our bodies to access shamanic, somatic and ecstatic states for healing, self-expression and a return to wholeness. Expect deep, soul-filled bass music, tribal beats and a range of intuitively chosen music to guide you on your dance journey.

Into Your Wild: Each and every one of us is a thread in the weave of nature. We are not merely dwelling upon the earth- WE ARE THE EARTH!

Like the bees, the trees, the rivers and the mountains naturally claim their space within this web of life- so it is our birthright to do the same. We are as vital a part of the natural eco-system of this earth as any other living organism- the only difference, perhaps is that we have the choice to play our roles with consciousness and awareness, or not.

Dancing is one of the surest ways to exercise this knowing, come into right alignment with ourselves and to remember our wild nature. It is where we come to untether from the limitations of the mind and societal programs that tell us that we should be more or less than what we are AND simply be who we are.

Inspired by her experiences on dance floors around the globe Phoenix has devoted the past 20 years of her life to exploring what it means to use dance, authentic movement and ritual for healing and empowering individuals and communities. She believes that in facilitating her own evolution and that of others she is assisting with the global shift that is happening at this time. Her mission is to use the tools she has gained throughout her life to empower and remind others to embrace their body’s movements and natural intelligence as a means of experiencing life to its fullest.

Phoenix is the director of Dancing Freedom International and founder of Synergy Intentional Dance Experience. She teaches embodiment and leadership classes, workshops and teacher trainings throughout the world where she helps others to tap into the wisdom that already exists within themselves.

DJ Rola is one of the Melbourne's most treasured musical alchemists. From whomp to funk, she aligns her eclectic music collection to take you on a journey to the roots of your gut and the crown of your joy. The core of her passion stems from her own dance practice where she allows herself to fully embody every nuance of the sounds, allowing it to become her and heal her. By providing dance spaces and dance therapy, she facilitates an opportunity for others to share this healing effect of music as medicine.

Rola and Phoenix have thoroughly enjoyed collaborating sacred dance spaces for people to dive deep into the magic and mystery of being in these wild bodies.