Rache Moore & Andre Meyer

Magic Movement - Sensory Awakening Dance

Australia, Brazil

Our workshop brings the tribe together in movement and celebration of life. Our 60 minute adventure dives into the magic of movement and activation of the five senses, guided by a hypnotic soundtrack of world music from the Amazon, Africa and Middle East. Hosted by partners DJ Andre Meyer (Brazil) and Rache Moore (Aus) this ecstatic dance workshop is more aptly described as a play-shop, incorporating games, guided and free flowing movement and facilitated inter-personal connection to embrace communal dance. Our experience honours the ancient ritual of dance with music and movement influenced by many cultures of the world who use dance to commune with nature, animals, higher realms and activate their highest state of being. Our workshop encourages union with self, with tribe and with nature; with our style of facilitation celebrating clean energy and the bliss of being high ON LIFE by awakening the senses and connecting authentically to each other as a tribe, the Rainbow Tribe!

I'm Rache Moore, founder of Rainbow Tribe events in Sydney where I dedicate most of my time to creating uplifting experiences for the community that enrich our culture, connect us back to nature, honour the cycles and seasons and promote getting high on life. I will facilitate the workshop with all my heart, creative joy and rainbow essence to ensure every person in our workshop walks out of the temple feeling renewed, rejuvenated, in love with life and most importantly, more in love with themselves. I'm so grateful to be able to share this ecstatic experience with my beloved partner, Andre. Andre Meyer is a renowned author, body modification artist and piercer from Sao Paulo, Brazil. He has been DJing at festivals for over two decades, having strong roots in the Goa trance scene under the name Sohm many moons ago. Andre's music is influenced by his extensive travels in India and to the Amazon where he spent time with tribes studying their culture. We have recently returned from Boom Festival where we had the absolute honour of sharing our workshop on opening night in the Chi Temple. Andre and I are dedicated to bringing people together on the dance floor to connect with clarity, from the heart through music, movement and play.