Joana Joy & Banana Jolie

Spiritual Gangster- Yoga with swagg


We want to be warriors, not worriers! Straight outta' Ashram comes a saviour, a sinner, a Spiritual Gangster to help you get there.
Dusting off the ashes of her saturn return, Spiritual Gangster Joana Joy (Banana Jolie, Creating Space for Joy) brings you this yoga-infused with hiphop and comedy class.
Invite sweet powerful movement into your body and beautiful, badass breath into your whole being. This is the perfect workshop for anyone who is not sure about all the omming and silence in yoga.
Expect to go with the flow, cues that turn into raps, some strong Buddha, Muhammed Ali and Kanye quotes, yoga breakdance like wild thing and introduction to arm balances.
This workshop will leave you feeling balanced, uplifted, ready to get down or feeling stretched out after nights of getting down!

Joana Joy is a yoga and movement educator who is also a comedy cabaret performer, Banana Jolie. She has taught yoga at Rainbow Serpent Festival (Creating space for Joy) Falls Festival, The Village Festival and classes and workshops around Melbourne and New Zealand. Her background in dance and comedy makes her classes engaging and uplifting.

Her one woman show, Spiritual Gangster is an exploration of all things being, and believing, how her practice as a yoga teacher and transcendental meditator sits with her Catholic upbringing, and all the things she does that her grandmother would call "un-Christian." She is excited to bring the best one-liners and witticisms from it, plus a great soundtrack to a movement class.