Caida Belante

TRASH:FASH:FEST Presented by ECO WARRIORS Up cycle your festival get up!


TRASH:FASH:FEST is your opportunity to upcycle and recreate your festival get up in new and exciting ways. Come and be inspired by our creative team with a bucket load of fun accessories, materials and knick-knacks all sourced through trash and discarded treasures ready for new life! Let's raise ecological consciousness together through fashion as we move towards a more sustainable future for our planet!

Participants are invited to bring along their existing or pre-loved festival gear or alternatively create something new from scratch with the guidance from our creative team.

The aim of TRASH:FASH:FEST is to create a space where individuals can connect unite and discuss all things eco and fashion focusing on costuming and festival culture drawing awareness to the waste in festival get up and generating ideas and new ways of working in order to turn TRASH INTO FASH!!!!
Over the years of attending festivals and having an upcycling clothing businesses it became apparent to Caida that costuming has become one of the most exciting and playful parts of festival culture that enables individuals to express themselves, however once preloved costumes become tired and worn out they end up going to landfill or being sent off to the thrift store. The aim of this workshop is to educate and demonstrate how we are able to upcycle rework our old costumes giving them a new life and prolonging the inevitable which will in turn offer a new way of looking at costuming in new light. If individuals are given the right guidance and a few tips on how to recreate a second hand item into new wearable works of art they may begin to use already existing items and revamp them as oppose to purchasing new festival items pre festival.

Eco Warriors is a Melbourne based label on a mission to defend the world from pollution, villains, human impact on the environment and social responsibility! Raising ecological consciousness towards a more sustainable future for our planet.

The label was created in response to the increasing volume of already produced materials and the rate at which these materials are becoming landfill. ECO WARRIORS proposes to develop ways to re-circulate these consumable items, and at the same time reduce waste.

The discovery of large quantities of surplus sleeping bags in second hand stores was an initial catalyst for the exploration into the possibility of re-purposing within fashion design. Collecting interested but obsolete items to experiment with has since opened up the potential for items that would otherwise remain unused, or be thrown away.

Eco Warriors specializes in tailor made day wear and costume, inventive accessories for gentlemen and ladies! Infusing recycled materials such as leather, feather, bones, sleeping bags, tents and miscellaneous goods.

2017 has seen Eco Warriors showcase skills by creating a mind blowing array of upcycled thematic costumes for an in-depth opening ceremony for the Esoteric Music Festival.