Dotty Hoops

Hoopy Handspins

United States

In this class we will explore various ways to spin our hoops in beautiful spherical 360s.

This multidimensional workshop will introduce and detail the concept of hand spins as well as different techniques, transitions and variations including continuous hand spins, forearm spins, rotating body rolls, coin flips and more.

Dotty is a hula hoop performer, instructor and fire dancer from the United States. After falling in love with the hula hoop in 2011, Dotty embraced it as a major part of her life and has been an active member in the flow arts community ever since. Her passion for spinning is complemented by a passion for travel, which has propelled her to share her art with the world. Spending most of her time on the move, Dotty has toured extensively through the USA, Canada, and New Zealand teaching workshops and performing, aiming to share the positivity of hoop dance with those around her.