Iramegia Tribe

The Official Opening of The Hammock Temple


In this workshop which intends to educate and affirm the power and importance of being mindful and setting intentions in life, Simon and Patrick Holmes will welcome everybody into the comfort and embrace of The Hammock Temple. Inviting everybody to get comfortable, they will tell a story about what the hammock temple is, and the intention behind creating it, speaking of their experience and sharing some wisdom. They will then guide a grounding and intention setting meditation so that people can come together in a loving way and mindfully begin their Rainbow Serpent experience. Joining them will be some musicians to perform a sound journey.

The idea of The Hammock Temple came about after experiencing a blissful state created by hammock comfort and the sounds of live music. Since that moment Patrick Holmes has dedicated himself to creating the same experience and more by designing and producing The Hammock Temple with the help of his wingman and father, Simon Holmes. Their focus together with The Hammock Temple is to offer a place of welcoming comfort, health and wellbeing and create balance between the music, meditation and lifestyle elements of the festival world.